The Horse Shox® Rubber Jacketed Horseshoe was developed by NEW BOR INDUSTRIES thinking in a better comfort of your animal. The company was founded on 12 February 1992, with headquarters in the city of Mairiporã, State of São Paulo (Brazil) has been gathering through the years of great experience in the manufacture of rubber artefacts. The NEW BOR puts the provision, technology and quality in manufacture of parts and compounds in rubber and silicone, for the most diverse applications in the automobile industry, industry in general and the final customers market, with a team of specialized professionals, we´re always working to meet the needs of our customers, and working hard to build a solid and lasting partnership.


To be online with technological most advanced producers, the administration has not spared no efforts to maintain its machinery park updated to always offer products that meet the specifications of their customers. By their technical production capacity and level of quality, the NEW BOR Industries puts himself among the main companies in the sector of compacted into rubber parts. In this segment of the market, the company feels safe in being able to offer products within the required quality. We can gather quality and technology with competitive prices. The NEW BOR Industries works with respect for man and for the environment of work in all processes.